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Luxury Barcelona apartments

Where traditional charm meets modern lifestyle

At Francesc Macià 10, a luxurious apartment building stands with a story to tell. Brought to life in the 1960s by Swiss architect Marc-Joseph Saugey, the structure stands proud, its curved facade reflecting the roundabout at the center of Francesc Macià square in Sant Gervasi - Galvany. 


The building was revitalized by award-winning architect Marcio Kogan, a process that combined his neo-modernist style with elements of classic Barcelona. Residents can experience the city’s charms through 50 meters of windows or stroll out to experience the magic of this neighborhood for themselves.


This full-floor luxury Barcelona apartment is one of just eight exclusive apartments in the building. It presents the unique chance to live at the heart of traditional Barcelona, experiencing everything from storied restaurants and shops to the enchanting parks just steps away from the building.

Best neighborhoods in Barcelona
Live the city’s essence

This luxury apartment for rent in Barcelona invites tenants into a new kind of Mediterranean lifestyle. Its location in one of the city’s most exclusive neighborhoods provides access to everything residents desire, from beautiful cityscapes to all of the old brands and shops that make the area truly special. 


Around each corner is a new vignette, capturing the unique colors and experiences to be found in the city. From traditional coffee shops to tucked-away markets, each path in this area offers a new experience worth savoring.

Luxury Barcelona apartments
The best area to live in Barcelona

This location in stylish Sant Gervasi-Galvany is truly one-of-a-kind. The building itself acts as a beacon, drawing the eye from afar and allowing residents a 360-degree view of the twinkling city lights below. The neighborhood expands on this majesty, revealing more of Barcelona’s unique and ever-changing personality with each new block explored.
This is a unique opportunity to live authentic Barcelona, experiencing the city like never before. From that first step out the door to a new ritual of evening strolls through the park, the neighborhood welcomes each resident to write their own story of life in the city.

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